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porch light color meaning

Our primary way of experiencing the world around us is through light. You may see lots of houses with unique color lights on their porch as you walk down a normal street in the United States at any moment of the year. It can be green, red, blue, or even purple lights, depending on the occasion.

Most individuals are confused by the meaning of their neighbor’s porch light colors. As a result, this post will show you several intriguing porch light color meanings and when they are switched on during the year.

5 Porch Light Color Meanings

1. Green Porch Light


Green can represent money or good fortune to some people. Hence, this color may be used on porches to lure wealth and prosperity to the family. Green is also associated with resources and environmental aspects. Some people may turn their porch lights green to show that they truly care or are concerned about environmental issues. Aside from these two reasons, some events prompt people to turn their green porch lights on.

  • Veterans Day

Every November, you may see several of your neighbors’ or friends’ outdoor lights changing color. People in the United States use green porch lights to show their support for the United States military as part of the Greenlight a Vet project. The actual act of turning one鈥檚 light green is designed to stimulate a national discussion about veteran appreciation and to ‘greenlight’ them as important members of our societies.

Green is a hue that commonly symbolizes the armed services due to the general green uniforms that troops have traditionally worn, but it also has a deeper metaphorical value. Additionally, according to the Greenlight a Vet program, it is the color of optimism, rebirth, and well-being.

  • Patrick’s Day

Somebody who wishes to pay homage to the Irish may have a green porch light turned on during March. Together with gold and white, green is regarded as the Irish color. They are frequently utilized in symbols for St. Patrick’s Day or when Irish culture is celebrated.

  • Lyme Disease Awareness

Green patio lights may also be used for patients that suffer from lupus or Lyme disease. These people want other people in their society to understand what’s happening with them so they may obtain support and assistance. It is crucial to highlight that this does not only occur in the United States; you may see green porch lights for similar reasons around the world.

Now, you may want to know more about green porch light meaning.

2. Red Porch Light


Red lights are seen in a variety of applications. The red lights on a streetlight indicate “stop.” They represent the brake lights on your automobile. So what do red-colored porch lights mean? The following part has listed three reasons why people have their porch light red, including American Heart Association, Valentine鈥檚 Day, and Prostitutions.

  • American Heart Association

February is Heart Association Month, during this occasion people are encouraged to pay attention to their cardiovascular system. The American Heart Association utilizes the color red to promote awareness about their activities and encourage people to support. Anybody can have cardiac problems, but ladies are given extra attention. Switching the bulb in your porch light into red is just another method to demonstrate how important this problem is to you.

  • Valentine鈥檚 Day

February is also the time of love, and February 14th is Valentine’s Day. People throughout the world wear red on Valentine’s Day to signify their love. It has also been a trend for houses to turn their outdoor lights to red during Valentine’s Eve and Valentine’s Day in recent years. So, if you see a red porch light on Valentine’s Day, it means that someone is showing their affection.

  • Prostitutions

Many people continue to identify red porch lights with prostitutes or brothels. Some still link red porch lights with “ready for business,” whether it is because of the “red-light district” or an old joke.

3. Blue Porch Light


According to various studies, blue light has been shown to build and activate interconnections between the parts of your brain that handle emotion and language. This suggests that blue light may assist individuals in dealing with emotional issues and managing their moods throughout time. Apart from that reason, turning on the blue porch light means showing respect to the military officers and people with autism.

  • Police Respect

If you’re passing your neighborhood and wondering why your friends put blue lights on their front porches, it’s because they are sending out a message of respect and unity to all police and their families.

  • Autism Awareness Campaign

Blue porch lights are used not just to commemorate police officers, but also to raise public awareness of autistic disorder illnesses. A blue porch light represents your concern for those with developmental disorders and your desire to stand up to inequality and harassment.

Many parents will also install blue lights on their porches to express their support for individuals suffering from autism Spectrum Disorder. Because of the relationship between autism and the sky, the blue color was selected for this month’s celebration.

4. Purple Porch Light


Purple is associated with monarchy, strength, aristocracy, and luxury. When conveyed through a colored light bulb, however, it reveals an important matter that exceeds aesthetics. In other words, the purple-colored porch light meaning is much more than just a party or luxury d茅cor; it is well-known for spreading awareness of domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence Campaign

Purple porch lights are used to promote consciousness about domestic violence. It can continue unnoticed for far too long, especially if the victim feels unable to escape owing to the attacker’s threatening attitude. Purple Light Nights is a program whose main goal is to abolish domestic violence via collaborative leadership, training, and advocacy for successful relationships and victim assistance.

When October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, many individuals change their porch light colors from yellow or white to purple. This simple action contributes to the success of the project and its objectives. Purple porch lights commemorate those who have died as a result of domestic abuse, help survivors, and provide hope to those who are trapped in violent situations.

5. Pink Porch Light


Pink bulbs emit a warmer brightness than typical soft white bulbs, and they do not stain things like most other colored bulbs. The pink angel light stream also symbolizes love and peace. Therefore, they are used to express sympathy to patients who are suffering from breast cancer all over the world.

  • Breast Cancer

Pink entrance lights are often connected with breast cancer and tumors. More pink light on people’s porches is usually seen in October, which is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. People may buy pink light bulbs as part of the Let Your Light Shine! campaign, with the revenue going to charity.

6. Orange Porch Light


Development, progress, enthusiasm, vitality, confidence, connection, co-creation in relationships with each other, and creativity are all represented by orange light. Unlike other porch light colors mentioned above, orange is not only used to commemorate people, but it is also to decorate for the Halloween festival.

  • Delphi victim families

Orange porch lights convey a message of solidarity to Delphi victim families and authorities. At nightfall in Delphi, orange lights could be seen shining on homes all around as a show of solidarity for police. “Light up Delphi” was a 2017 initiative that encouraged residents of Delphi, Indiana, and others throughout the country to turn their outdoor lights to orange in commemoration of two young girls who were cruelly killed.

  • Halloween

Orange porch lights will be visible across the United States in October since it is a cheerful, energetic hue that is frequently used as autumn and Halloween d茅cor. Because the color orange is so deeply linked with Halloween, many people make it for a “Halloween” porch light.


Colors make us as international contributors to many global issues even when we are not physically present. They increase awareness of issues that need to be addressed while also allowing us to celebrate occasions with our neighbors and friends. It’s similar to a party, but with different color porch light meanings.

Color psychology tells us that all colors elicit a certain sensation or emotion. Did you find this post effective? If yes, please leave a comment below to show your opinion and share it with your family and friends.

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